We Have ‘SPKN’ We All Have The Power:

Stop People Killing Now!

Michael A. Blackhall / Author.

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o/a; CK-KUYA [PROJECT {ck-kp}] APRIL 2021


(I Feel)

Whenever a statement is made which includes the words I feel,” do we ever pause to justify that; or those feelings and the derivative of the source? Do we believe that all our thoughts are our own manufacturing? How is it that we can or could say that, "I feel" when we weren’t even looking for any options, yet suddenly, Wham! An astounding thought just hit home and so we inquired with a

surprising: “Where did that just flew in from?”

Are They Legion

[We can't wait until madness affects us] Man Gone Mad!

Those of the Legion had once taken over the possession of a man to hurt and injure oneself in the

similarity of a man gone mad, where insanity eventually assumed control.

To the question: “Were they a recent inception or were they always there in waiting for a most opportune moment, when guards and security fences became weak, which could

then be breached?

As it is written: “Many false spirits will come and mislead many, that by the multiplication of wickedness love will grow


“But try or test the [plurality of] spirits... for many false spirits have gone out into the world.”

*means: [Excerpts from Volume-1]

How is it that we are all very good people capable of doing all that is very bad or evil and when all is said and done, we simply blame it on an ideology that persons are suffering from

schizophrenia, mental breakdown, psychological duress, impairment, or otherwise compromised; among other medical terminologies?

How is it that we hear good suggestions as well as bad suggestions, which is to say that; it’s not the same source emitting those suggestions but many?

*Justifying A Mental Issue

[This is our Quest]

It seems that some 20% are truly medical that require treatments involving medications, while it seems some 80% are not and do not require meds.

I don’t suppose or proposed we can discuss about those 20% who are truly very ill, however; by nature of the 80% it seems that an acknowledgement is required coupled with the

determination of taking control of decision making that should reduce that 80% number by 80% which is possible to confirm in 20 yrs or so; to year 2040, by Dec 31.


[This in mind]

*The Effects are externalized, while for the most part, The Cause-Research; seems to stop at the brain; therefore never arriving at; The True Source which really is not a physical matter, but spiritual. And if spiritual, it seems obvious that it is only by a spiritual realization that we may resolve spiritual issues.

Thus false spirits went in, froze the love then outputs the multiplication of wickedness from within the

mind. Does Gun-violence qualify as wickedness? If so; we see that it was generated from the mind

which was affected by the plurality of spirits within, not just one. This is the key the world has overlooked.

Are We Not Listening

to take back our community

*Why would a very noble individual refer and rebuke his best friend by the name of an evil individual other than his friend’s name? We all have the answers to resolving all manner of crimes

and we are never going to find our monsters if we continue searching for these phenomenons on the outward where they are not, or trying to resolve the spiritual by physical means.

We must engage our minds

  • From, “In The Beginning,” it was a collective of organized and synchronized minds that worked

  • together to create and “it was good!”

  • As of Pandemic year2020 it took a collective effort to combat COVID-19.

Is it obvious then, that we can only accomplish our earthly missions by seeking to be collective in our

doings? It is for this reason that groups are formed as it takes a collective oneness to be the most

effective in all things. Hence we see that:


Is It Slippery To Grasp

[How so that, some 90 percent of people are not embracing this]?

We speak it! We sing it! We dream about it! We externalize it! We visualize it! We write it! We act it out!

We laugh at it! We are entertained by it! What is it, This voices in us!

Power Of Decisions

(Engage young (our) minds)

*All these things are evidence of how we have the power to cure our crime problems; if only we can acknowledge the source for all that is bad in our societies.

It is so close to home, in our communities and yet we cannot find the way to resolve our problems that speak to us many times per day as the voice in us, for we hear those pluralized

voices that are emitted from within all of us that are not all the same one voice.

To all the people who lived a life without any criminal record all have one common thread. They learn what must be done to suppress and stick to not do wrong that could harm self or others.

*They acknowledged their power of decisions!


“To re-engage” - Our minds are the acts of synchronization that confirm the collective oneness! This is a decision that

can be made; only after learning what must be done to suppress and stick to not do wrongthat could harm self or others. Acknowledged the power of decisions that are within, that are only spiritual and not of anything physical!

Where Do Evil Grows

[this in mind]

*"Evil grows in the dark, Where the sun, it never shines, Evil grows in cracks and holes And lives in people's minds, Evil grows it's part of you And now it seems to be that everytime I look at you, Evil grows in me!" (The Poppy family 1971). Note that; From in the beginning :Evil was always there!

Through education, which is only after learning how to suppress doing wrong by acknowledgement of our power of

decisions that is purely spiritual and not physical.


Like the “Wind,” it’s complicated! You can hear the sound of it, you can see and experience the damage it can cause, you can acknowledge an internal sensation by it, You may be able to interpret its communications, You can bear testimony

of it! But you can not see it or bear any perfect witness of it. It has no physical attributes that are

associated with it, nor can you have any communications with it as this is only unilateral.

The Resolve Could Be

[That of purely ”awaken their conscience” & making a commitment]

{ *That as soon as we can acknowledge these things, the hiding places for the source of evil and where evil grows, the sooner we have control having realized that;

“The Spirit is subject to the (man or) Prophet!” We do have the power of decisions! We all hear voices, however, in most cases [possibly] 80% of incidents, could have been avoided; or prevented prior to the initial steps of entering where a situation originated.}

All those persons who have lived a full life without any enlistment of criminal record, have all made a

commitment to that of:

Acknowledging their power of decisions! “EVERYONE CAN!

We Have SPKN: Stop People Killing Now!

Michael A. Blackhall/Author

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