We Have ‘SPKN’ We All Have The Power:

Stop People Killing Now!

Michael A. Blackhall / Author.

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As stated recently in a speech on the Golden Globe Awards [Sun., February 28, 2021, 11:02 p.m]; pertaining; as it had been for many millenniums passing.

But! How is it that we’re not getting it? That the monsters, aliens, UFOs, ghosts and all those phenomena that eludes us, do really and truly reside within all of us? That where each person is good, yet this very same good individual is also very bad as well?

Are They Legion

How is it that we are all very good people capable of doing all that is very bad or evil and when all is said and done, we simply blame it on an ideology that persons are suffering from schizophrenia, mental breakdown, psychological duress, impairment, or otherwise compromised; among other medical terminologies?

How is it that we hear good suggestions as well as bad suggestions, which is to say that; it’s not the same source emitting those suggestions but many? Do you recall, “My name is Legion for we are many?” Well, how many do you suppose adds up to a legion? Google it maybe!

Justifying A Mental Issue

It seems that some 20% are truly medical that require treatments involving medications, while it seems some 80% are not and do not require meds.

I don’t suppose or proposed we can discuss about those 20% who are truly very ill, however; by nature of the 80% it seems that an acknowledgement is required coupled with the determination of taking control of decision making that should reduce that 80% number by 80% which is possible to confirm in 20 yrs or so; to year 2040, by Dec 31.


The Effects are externalized, while for the most part, The Cause-Research; seems to stop at the brain; therefore never arriving at; The True Source which really is not a physical matter, but spiritual. And if spiritual, it seems obvious that it is only by a spiritual realization that we may resolve spiritual issues.

Are We Not Listening

Why would a very noble individual refer and rebuke his best friend by the name of an evil individual other than his friend’s name? We all have the answers to resolving all manner of crimes and we are never going to find our monsters if we continue searching for these phenomenons on the outward where they are not, or trying to resolve the spiritual by physical means.

Is It Slippery To Grasp

We speak it! We sing it! We dream about it! We externalize it! We visualize it! We write it! We act it out! We laugh at it! We are entertained by it! What is it?

Power Of Decisions

All these things are evidence of how we have the power to cure our crime problems; if only we can acknowledge the source for all that is bad in our societies. It is so close to home, in our communities and yet we cannot find the way to resolve our problems that speak to us many times per day, for we hear those pluralized voices that are emitted from within all of us that are not all the same one voice.

To all the people who lived a life without any criminal record does not mean they had not been tempted or heard voices each day like everyone else. *They came to realized or were taught how to overcome the temptations of evil! *They learned and understood what was wrong, what must be done to suppress and stick to not do wrong that could harm self or others. *They acknowledged their power of decisions!

Where Do Evil Grows

"Evil grows in the dark, Where the sun, it never shines, Evil grows in cracks and holes And lives in people's minds, Evil grows it's part of you And now it seems to be that everytime I look at you, Evil grows in me!" (The Poppy family 1971). Note that; From in the beginning :Evil was always there!

The Resolve Could Be

That as soon as we can acknowledge these things, the hiding places for the source of evil and where evil grows, the sooner we have control having realized that; “The Spirit is subject to the Prophet!” We do have the power of decisions! We all hear voices, however, in most cases [possibly] 80% of incidents, could have been avoided; or prevented prior to the initial steps of entering where a situation originated.

We Have SPKN: Stop People Killing Now!

Michael A. Blackhall/Author

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